Our members mainly work for larger industrial companies that want to have assignments managed by interim project managers. These are large, complex and technically oriented projects.

Roberto Reyes

Role: lead mentor, empathetic, driven. Engineer of origin with a passion for innovation. Roberto has earned his spurs in setting up and leading large projects for companies, often in an international context. He is a convincing people manager with vision and decisiveness. Effectiveness and passion as core values conveyed to others; achieves quick results.

Roberto has an enthusiastic and driven personality. He always sees opportunities and solutions, and knows how to get people involved. He is fact-based, analytical and able to take the step from analysis to responsibility. Roberto is empathic and capable of cracking hard nuts. He also dares to give credits for results to others.

Roberto also has a heart for technology, and he knows how to get and maintain a sharp picture of the relation between finance and technology. He can quickly fathom new environments and knows how to identify mechanisms for success. He has a good eye for formal and informal organizational structures, and knows how to obtain authority even without a formal mandate.

Experience: Leadmentor for the growth of globally selected start-ups in the PortXL program. PortXL is sponsored by, among others, the Port of Rotterdam and affiliated companies and institutes. In addition, Roberto has experience in making technology and technical organizations profitable, preferably in technical environments.

Own Company: 4R Management

Phone number: +31 6 218 50 242

Jan Jes

Role: organizer, people's person, team player. An experienced project manager for complex projects. Jan has gained experience in the (production) industry, at engineering firms and suppliers. He has successfully led many multidisciplinary projects, from initiation phase to delivery. Jan specializes in control projects in industrial automation.

Experience: Over a period of 20 years Jan has grown from executive engineer to project manager of large international industrial automation projects in the oil and gas industry.

Since 2010 he has been working as a self-employed project manager for technical and industrial projects. He has gained experience in various industries: oil & gas, (petro-)chemical, the nuclear industry, food & beverage and the pharmaceutical industry and has worked for industrial end-users, EPC contractors and suppliers.

Jan takes his clients along in the development process of a project: from the initial definition of the preconditions, the rough scope, the planning and budgetary frameworks to the creation of the design, the tendering, the award and the execution of the project.

His specialism is industrial automation, but Jan has also managed projects with other technical applications. He manages the project as a whole, operating between business and technical aspects of the project. Sizes of investments vary from a few hundred thousand to tens of millions of euros.

Own Company: JES! Projecten & Advies

Phone number: +31 6 232 48 834

Christiaan Goedkoop

Role: Leader, all-rounder, results-driven.

Christiaan is senior project manager of complex and multidisciplinary projects.

With strong leadership inside and outside the organisation, Christiaan connects, motivates and involves all necessary parties with a clear common goal for the best result. This is expressed in good consideration of interests and technology. Christiaan has broad organisational and commercial experience and is creative in dealing with issues. His good organisational and improvisation skills enable him to quickly present an overview of the problem areas: troubleshooting.

He has extensive financial knowledge and experience in contracting and tendering. He also has broad results and solution-oriented expertise within both greenfield and renovation projects. A committed team player, communicative, diplomatic and with international experience..


Christiaan realizes projects in the steel industry, infrastructure, oil & gas, energy supply and generation, food industry and non-residential construction. From basic engineering to commissioning.

His knowledge background is in electrical engineering, instrumentation and industrial automation. His enthusiasm and energy, and the way in which he knows how to convey this to his environment, are striking. He is a real leader.

In addition, Christiaan is a semi-professional cook, gives cooking workshops and is a home cook. He also has great enthusiasm for motorcycling and organizing motorcycle trips.

Own Company: Osirius Projectmanagement

Phone number: +31 62 48 66 131

Robert Bourry

Role: driven, insight, personal approach. Robert is a project leader and senior project engineer of large projects, who has gathered his knowledge and experience from practical experience. From electrical, measurement and control engineering, Robert has moved on to automation engineering and resource management to project management.

Robert has a talent for providing technically feasible solutions to complex technical challenges and can clearly quantify them in time and budget. He also has extensive experience in damage control in incidents where, thanks to insight and correct action, he is able to quickly restart production in the lead. He knows how to motivate the team optimally, thanks to his dedication and drive.

When faced with challenges during the various project phases, Robert ensures that scope, planning and budget are not overlooked. Through his personal approach he ensures commitment within the project team.

Experience: Robert is an internationally experienced senior project engineer and project leader of technically challenging projects. He realises projects in the steel, chemical and automotive industries and has experience from basic engineering to commissioning.

Own Company: Solve Engineering

Phone number: +31 6 10 07 00 58

Elvin Mosis

Personality: Elvin has excellent social skills and can easily switch between different types of people and levels. This is due to his sympathetic approach and a high degree of empathy and adaptability. Furthermore, he is accessible, has a positive aura and has good communication skills both in word and writing.

Role: structure, flexible and social. Elvin is a true ambassador and team player; he stands for clear communication, positivity and provides guidance where necessary.

Experience: Elvin has a technical background and extensive international work experience in project management. Elvin started at Eneco as a senior project officer and then moved to Siemens Nederland, where he was lead engineer and project manager on several major international projects. Elvin then decided to become an independent entrepreneur in order to do better justice to his qualities and skills. For example, he worked on an assignment at DPR Construction: the restart of a data centre. Elvin has seen various phases pass by, with a new challenge in each phase.

Elvin is able to integrate multiple disciplines into one project, draw up project plans and monitor progress. He maintains an overview and is responsible for sound financial management. In short: Elvin performs his task as may be expected of a project manager.

Own Company: Elvin Mosis International Projectmanagement.

Phone number: +31 6 248 65 842

Rob Emmelkamp

Rol: Organisational leader, pragmatic and solving, goal-oriented, focus on coaching.

Rob is an experienced senior project manager with experience in programme management in the field of multidisciplinary and complex projects. In addition, he has an affinity with project engineering, which enables him to get a clear image of the project's technical content.

Inventory, consideration of alternatives, responsibility, stakeholder management and support are important factors in the execution of projects. Where necessary, PRINCE2, Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma methodologies can be used for a structural or analytical approach.

Creating clarity, taking responsibility and working towards a common goal are facets that should not be lacking. Making choices, even with limited information, and finding the balance between capacity and what needs to be done. Rob approaches matters with a positive view, which generally leads to pragmatic solutions.

Communication at all levels within an organisation helps to unite the common interests.

Ervaring: Rob has a background in mechanical engineering, combined with chemistry and specialization in Radiation Expert Level 3. He has an affinity with disciplines such as EI&C and process technology, and extensive experience with international projects in various industries and disciplines such as the nuclear industry, nuclear pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry and the steel industry.

It is and remains a great challenge to work with a project team to pick up a project from the first sketch and deliver it in accordance with scope, budget and planning. Rob has a coaching style of leadership and finds it important to communicate clearly to the project team, steering committee and stakeholders. With the use of budget control and planning, every project remains measurable. Experience in both greenfield and complex brownfield projects including European tendering.

Drawing up the 'factory acceptance trajectory' with clear acceptance criteria is something Rob believes should not be lacking.

Rob's interest in technology is also reflected in his hobbies: restoration, repair and maintenance of classic motorcycles and cars.

Own Company: EPE, Emmelkamp Project Engineering

Phone number: +31 6 170 73 818